Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Halloween Treats Trick Me

My sister hosted a Bunko-ween party and we prepared a delicious array of Halloween appetizers and treats. I decided to make mini pretzels with M & M's in festive orange and black. Cute, tasty and really easy. I carefully laid out each mini pretzel on a baking sheet and placed an M & M in the center, then put them in the oven. After about three minutes at 350 degrees, I checked the treats only to find the M & M's weren't melting! They literally fell right off the pretzels. Then, after 10 minutes I noticed the chocolate burning in the hard candy shells! It was then I realized there MUST be some kind of "glue" or something I was missing. Yes, there was! You're supposed to gently melt a Hershey's Kiss on the mini pretzels, then quickly press the M & M's in the soft chocolate "glue." Duh!! It was truly a Blonde Moment - but a huge hit at the party!

As you can see from the photo, these are great treats for any holiday, or just for fun! Use the various Hershey's Kiss varieties and multi-colored M&M's for any occasion! FYI: it's best to work in smaller batches of 20 or so because the kisses harden quickly.

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