Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When Cherries Fly!

By Sharen Husa
(Brandi's Mom)

I spent quite a while making the most amazing cherry pie I could for my handsome husband. When the pie was finished baking and a had beautiful golden brown crust, I placed in on a sheet pan and set it near the window to cool. When my husband came home from work, I was excited to show him what I had accomplished so I rushed over to grab it. I snapped up the sheet pan with my cherry pie and whipped around with a big smile. As I did, the pie went flying off the sheet pan and, like a frisbee, sailed across the kitchen. Gooey cherries and crust streaked the kitchen floor and cabinets. Our mouths dropped and we just stood there looking at each other in disbelief. Looks like I'd have to bake a second cherry pie, and this time it would stay put on the counter for viewing!

... And I'm not even a blonde!

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